Imagine your child sitting down with a book and begging for more reading time.

If you're dealing with a reluctant reader, you're about to discover a PROVEN, revolutionary new book style that is GUARANTEED to get your child wildly excited about reading! Introducing REX, the world's 1st dinosaur book made with "movie style" pages!

Dear Friend,

My name is Robert Gould, creator of the Time Soldiers® adventure book series and I'd like to treat you and your child to something very special. A FREE book. But not just any book. This dinosaur book is the coolest thing you've ever seen. Best of all, it'll be the coolest thing your child has ever seen! Trust me on this. You're about to witness an experience that will bring wide eyes to your child...and a BiG smile to your face.

But I need your help. And it's just a little thing—your honest feedback.
You see, these books need to get into the hands of all those reluctant readers out there, struggling to find something they actually want to read. So, if your child likes my gift, just send me a quick email and/or tell your friends. Tell other moms. Tell your child's teacher. We need a grass roots movement to get kids reading. And it can start with the simple click of your mouse. So get comfortable, click on the link below, and get ready to smile...BiG time!

Literacy. You can't give a child a better gift.

Download your book here:
(It may take about 2 minutes to load, so be patient...:)

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